Feb. 28, 2022
Canopy Hotel Helical Piles Foundation

Downtown Memphis!  Where music, barbeque, and history meet.  A perfect place to visit, but not an easy one to build space for visitors in.  A historic district on top of loose friable soils along the banks of the Mississippi River make it challenging to construct large structures on solid ground!  This ideal location for visitors to stay at a hotel in the historic city center of Memphis make horizontal sprawl impossible, so construction goes up to obtain space for the new Canopy Hotel.  Every day construction is taking place, is a day before the hotel can open for business, so how best to complete construction rapidly, efficiently, and safely without excessive disruption of city life surrounding the site?  Extensive foundation preparation is required to ensure safety and stability in these conditions, but traditional foundations are expensive and labor-intensive.  Traditional basements require excavation, slope reinforcement, spoil removal, and cementing, all processes which take excessive time and block critical roadways for extended times.  The usual alternative of piling installation requires lengthy driving or drilling followed by cementing and curing. In this case, all the possible alternatives were complicated by an already existing foundation on the site from a previous use for a parking structure.  If this foundation could be reinforced instead of removed, it would be a less intrusive, environmentally friendly, and rapid solution to the foundation challenges of the site.

Chance® Helical Pilings, which are placed quickly with minimal surface disturbance and are immediately fully load-bearing and ready for use make them the efficient alternative. Rotated into place with convenient hydraulic attachments on common types of construction equipment, Chance® Helical Pilings are available in a variety of modular sizes and types depending on the soil conditions and load requirements.  With qualified installation, the load-bearing characteristics of each installation are easily understandable to ensure that every factor required for safe construction is understood.  By monitoring the torque required during installation, each individual piling can be rapidly and easily modified if needed to ensure it has sufficient strength to do the job it needs to.  This ability to monitor strength during installation means that you can avoid using an excess number of pilings to account for uncertain soil strength characteristics.  The large area of contact distributed across the area of the helical screws in Chance® Helical Pilings ensures that your structure is safe from settling.  The ability to securely connect the structure on top of the pilings means that even significant wind or other horizontal tensional or toppling loads can be safely accounted for ensuring that your project will stand for years to come. Chance® Helical Pilings are readily available, installed rapidly with minimal noise and vibration, require no large volume of soil removal, are easy to mobilize to location, and are ready for use when installed.  Where does your home or business need a rapidly installed safe and efficient foundation solution installed?