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Seawall Anchors & Marine Applications

Seawall Anchors & Marine Applications

CHANCE® helical anchors have gained wide acceptance over traditional methods of anchoring marine structures. CHANCE® Helical anchor marine applications include new seawall construction, retrofit of failing seawalls, bulkheads, bulkhead repair, docks, boardwalks and mooring anchors. Helical tiebacks are superior to conventional dead men because they can be installed quickly and tensioned immediately for reduced time of construction without the need for spoils clean-up. CHANCE® helical anchors are engineered to meet the specific needs of each marine project. .


Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns regarding seawall & marine applications, feasibility, design assistance, or material quotes. Our staff of professional engineers will be able to assist you with any needs you may have. 800.773.2368.


Boat Moorings

Mooring fields for municipal and private harbors are a cost effective means to safely store boats. CHANCE® Mooring Anchors offer a simple, economical mooring for boats that require holding capacities to 200,000 pounds. CHANCE® moorings stabilize boats even in areas subject to hurricanes. Special incentives are sometimes offered by insurance companies to boat owners who utilize these moorings.

CHANCE® Anchors are installed into the harbor bottom by work boats or divers using hydraulic rotary installing equipment. The anchors are installed through the silt to good soil bearing strata. The chains or lines are then properly connected to the mooring or platforms.

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