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ShaftSpacer® is a guide and alignment system for lateral positioning and centralization of rebar reinforcement cages within caissons, drilled shafts and other geotechnical construction applications. Positioning rebar within specified clearances is critical. Our line of Shaftspacer® rebar spacer wheels ensures appropriate spacing requirements are met and rebar is centralized during the installation of the cage and throughout concrete placement.

ShaftSpacer Drilled Shaft Rebar Spacer Wheel

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Properly position reinforcement cages every time.

ShaftSpacer® rebar cage spacers are a snap to install with minimal cost and installation time. These durable, high-density plastic foundation wheels are built for drilled shaft construction and provide assurance for the driller, contractor, engineer and inspector that reinforcement cages are properly positioned every time.

We have the wheel to match the clearance you need.

ShaftSpacer Product Specifications

Don't see the size called out for your project? Take a look at our Hairpin Shaftspacer® Extender.

ShaftSpacer® Minimum Placement Recommendations

  • Use one ShaftSpacer® per foot (or 304.8mm) of shaft diameter (Minimum of four (4) per tier)
  • Maximum six (6) foot (or 1.83m) spacing from the top of the shaft
  • Maximum two (2) foot (or 0.61m) spacing from bottom of the shaft
  • Maximum eight (8) foot (or 2.44m) interval spacing along the longitudinal axis of the shaft

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