BARBOOT® is a simple and economical means of supporting and spacing rebar reinforcement vertically at the base of drilled shafts. BARBOOT® plastic rebar supports stabilize the entire rebar cage vertically within the drilled shaft and provides proper clearance between the reinforcement cage and the earthen surface. An additional advantage of rebar boots is that the encapsulation of the ends of the vertical rebar provides added corrosion protection.

BARBOOT® provides quality assurance for the contractor of the subcontractor’s performance. At the same time, it provides quality assurance for the engineer and owner of the contractor’s performance.

BARBOOT Rebar Diagram

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Properly position reinforcement cages every time.

BARBOOT® is simple and quick to install. These self-locking, high-density plastic foundation boots are built for drilled shaft construction and provide quality assurance for the driller, contractor, engineer and inspector that reinforcement cages are properly spaced and positioned off the base of the shaft every time.

BARBOOT® is universally adaptable to variable size bar diameters (one size fits all).

BARBOOT Product Specifications

BARBOOT® Minimum Placement Recommendations

  • Equally space boots around bottom of the cage
  • Use one BARBOOT® per 1500 lbs. of steel cage weight
  • Minimum of one BARBOOT® every other vertical bar

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