Boardwalk Foundations

CHANCE® Boardwalk and Walkway support systems provide foundations for eco-friendly walkways in wetlands, dune crossings, beachfronts, prairies, and historical sites. In a CHANCE® Walkway Support System, helical piles can be installed with portable installation equipment in order to access sensitive areas that require minimal disturbance, also providing increased resistance for boardwalks and walkways that are exposed to flooding and storm surges.

An instant foundation system for boardwalk construction in environmentally sensitive areas

The CHANCE® Walkway support system has proven the most economical foundation system in sensitive soils and difficult terrain. Modern compact hydraulic-driven drills have made this the preferred method for soil engineers and contractors when constructing wooden boardwalks. The helical piles are engineered to transfer projected loads to bearing-capable strata below weak soils, isolating the structure’s integrity from seasonal changes in the surface-layer conditions. This makes these eco-friendly walkways particularly effective in swamp, marsh, and other wet environments with soft or clay soils.

Benefits of using the CHANCE® Helical Pile Foundations for boardwalk construction:

  • Eco-friendly – minimal mobilization impact
  • Can install in limited access sites
  • No vibrations and minimal noise disturbance
  • No spoils
  • Made from recycled steel
  • High up-lift capacity

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Helical Piles for Wooden Boardwalk Construction in Action

Helical piles have been successfully utilized for wooden boardwalk construction in areas calling for elevated foundations due to standing water. Used in the construction of eco-friendly walkways, this method has been employed by the U.S. Department of the Interior for the creation of viewing platforms and high elevation boardwalks. By using boardwalk pilings, such as CHANCE® Helical Piles, installers can enjoy benefits such as minimal ground disturbance and corrosion resistance while providing a cost-effective solution that is also environmentally friendly. Unlike conventional techniques, helical piles will not leach wood preservatives into their surroundings, ensuring a minimally invasive process.

For more details on boardwalk construction, check out the full article on Innovative Foundations for Boardwalks and Viewing Platforms from the US Department of Agriculture.