Retrofit Foundation Construction

CHANCE® Helical Underpinning and ATLAS™ Resistance Pier Systems are commonly utilized for strengthening the existing foundations of a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential structures. This method of foundation retrofitting includes underpinning within existing foundational structures where new loads are being applied.

Retrofit foundation construction no matter where you need it

The helices of a helical pile/pier allow the pile to screw in as opposed to being driven, allowing for minimal disturbance into the soils beneath the existing structure. One of the biggest advantages of using helical piles for retrofit construction is the ability to use smaller equipment than would be needed for driven piles. Even if access to the construction site on the existing structure is limited, crews will have no problem installing helical piles or resistance piers, including in low-overhead areas.

Benefits of using the CHANCE® and ATLAS™ Underpinning Systems for foundation retrofitting:

  • Installs in limited access sites / low overhead areas
  • No excavation or spoils to remove
  • Minimal to no vibrations or noise
  • Predictable capacities based on torque during installation
  • Loads may be immediately applied – no cure time

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