Yellow Jacket® Solar Pile Sleeve

Yellow Jacket Solar Pile Sleeves logoYellow Jacket Solar Pile Sleeves help to mitigate frost heave with solar panel W piles. Yellow Jacket is a prefabricated pile sleeve which provides a slip plane between the W pile and the soil. 

What is Frost Heave?

Frost heaving is an upwards swelling of soil during freezing conditions caused byan increasing presence of ice as it grows towards the surface, upwards from the depth in the soil where freezing temperatures have penetrated into the soil. 

The Solution

Yellow Jacket Solar Pile Sleeves is lightweight, flexible and easily installed, increasing job productivity. There's no mess and no personnel exposure to potentiall dangerous coatings. 

Advantages of using the Yellow Jacket Solar Pile Sleeve:

  • Not a Coating
  • Quick, Easy Installation
  • Require No Special Construction Equipment
  • Safe

    Yellow Jacket Solar Sleeves Model & Specs

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