Bulkheads & Seawalls

CHANCE® Helical Tieback Anchors are utilized for bulkhead and seawall repair as well as the new construction of seawalls and bulkheads. They’re proven to be the best system available for providing lateral support for both seawall and bulkhead repair as well as new seawall and new bulkhead construction and are engineered to meet your specific project needs.

No cleanup, no mess—just tons of load capacity

Helical tiebacks are superior to conventional deadmen because they eliminate the need for excavation and can be installed quickly and tensioned immediately. Helical tieback anchors are classified as soil anchors and loads are developed based upon the capacity of the soil behind the wall. Holding capacity is proportional to the installation torque of each anchor. Length and bearing area can be adjusted in the field to meet the specified load requirements for the project - be it for seawall repair or new bulkhead construction. Our professional engineers and field experts stand ready to assist you as needed from design to completion.

Benefits of using CHANCE® to repair failing bulkheads and seawalls:

  • No excavation or spoils
  • No concrete or grout – eliminated cure time
  • Can be installed from land or water side
  • Quick to install and can instantly be tensioned
  • Cost-effective: cuts down on labor, equipment, and time needed
  • Removable and extendable – can be moved if an obstruction is encountered
  • Can be installed underneath structures
  • No impact on landscaping and minimal cleanup

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