UniSpacer™ Single Bar Centralizer

Unispacer Single Bar Centralizer LogoUnispacer™ is a guide and alignment system for centralizing single bar reinforcement spacers within augercast piles, tiebacks, and soil anchors. The Unispacer™ alignment system properly positions and centralizes single bar reinforcement within the shaft prior to or after concrete/grout placement.

Unispacer Alignment System Diagram

Single bar centralizer for perfect alignment. 

Unispacer™ centralizes the single bar reinforcement so that it’s properly spaced and aligned within the confines of the shaft or pile structure, providing built-in quality control assurance for the driller, contractor, engineer and inspector that the reinforcement bar is properly positioned within the shaft every time.

Unispacer Product Specifications

Unispacer™ Single Bar Centralizer Minimum Placement Recommendations

  • Place lower Unispacer™ 24 inches from the end of the bar/bottom of the shaft
  • Space additional Unispacers a maximum of 15 ft. along the length of reinforcement bar 
  • Each shaft should contain a minimum of two Unispacers per reinforcement bar
  • The topmost Unispacer™ should be positioned within 2–4 ft. from the top of the shaft.

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