Guy Anchoring

CHANCE® Helical Anchors have been utilized over the past five decades as the primary guy wire anchor solution in the electric transmission industry. Today, CHANCE® Helical Anchors are finding increased popularity in civil construction applications for guy wire anchor installations in communication towers, radio towers, and various other structures. 

Field-proven for 200,000 lbs. tensile load

Compared to traditional ways of constructing guy anchorage, CHANCE® Helical Anchors offer a guy anchor design with attractive benefits in the conservation of labor, materials, equipment, and time. Unlike concrete deadmen, CHANCE® Helical Anchor installation is not affected by weather or a high water table, doesn’t require excavation or concrete curing time, and doesn’t produce spoils. CHANCE® Helical Anchors are made with the proprietary CHANCE® High Strength Steel, have capacities up to 200,000 lbs. tensile load, and have been proved in the field under the severest conditions. Using helical anchors in guy wire installation has proved to be the most logical and economical means to resist the maximum tensile load of both the dead load of the tension on the wire and the maximum possible live load due to wind.

Advantages of utilizing CHANCE® Helical Anchors for guy anchoring:

  • Quick to install
  • No time wasted on waiting for concrete to cure
  • Can be proof-tested and loaded immediately
  • Eliminates any need to de-water
  • No excavation or spoils

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