Hairpin™ Wheel Spacer Extender

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Hairpin™ rebar spacer extenders are used in tandem with the ShaftSpacer® wheel in order to achieve eccentric spacing requirements and/or meet seismic design considerations.

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When should you consider using the Hairpin™ Wheel Spacer Extender?

Unusual Design Clearance

Example: the project specification and detail states 9 inch clearance. To achieve this clearance with a wheel alone, the wheel would need to have a diameter of approximately 18 inches. By using a Hairpin™ wheel extender in conjunction with one of our standard model ShaftSpacer® wheels, the 9 inch clearance can be achieved.

Close Spacing of Horizontal Rebar

Example: the project specification and detail states 6 inch clearance, but the pitch of the spiral is 4 or 5 inches. Therefore, the ShaftSpacer® wheel that is normally used for 6 inch clearance is too large and will not attach without interfering with the adjacent spiral bars. A Hairpin™ Wheel Spacer Extender is then used to resolve the problem.

Hairpin ShaftSpacer Extender Product Specifications

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