Helical Pier & Underpinning Foundation Repair

When foundations begin to fail, contractors turn to CHANCE® Helical Underpinning and ATLAS™ Resistance Pier Systems for commercial foundation repair solutions. Our experience with various foundation underpinning methods enables us to solve the most complicated foundation problems using our minimal disturbance, high-capacity underpinning piers.

A solid solution for unsettling problems

Unlike excavating, driving piles or drilling piles, helical piers can be screwed into the subsurface without disturbing the structure or its surrounding soil. Requiring only small equipment and no grout, helical pier foundation repair is quick and loaded immediately. The small equipment required for installation results in being able to underpin structures in the most limited access areas, including areas with reduced overhead space and limited access points.

Benefits of using CHANCE® and ATLAS™ Underpinning Systems for foundation repair:

  • Install in limited access sites / low overhead areas
  • No excavation or spoils to remove
  • Minimal to no vibrations or noise
  • Predictable capacities based on torque during installation
  • Loads may be immediately applied – no cure time

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