Swimming Pool Foundations

Deep Foundations for Swimming Pool Construction

CHANCE Helical Piles and Anchors provide an exceptional pool foundation pier alternative to traditional deep foundation swimming pool support systems such as timber piling, concrete piling, and drilled concrete piers. Helical piles have increasingly become the deep foundation design of choice for pool foundation construction due to superior performance, speed of installation, the elimination of mobilization costs for large equipment and the vibrations and spoils that typically come along with traditional piling systems.

Whether the foundation for pool construction requires uplift restraint due to high water table or additional support due to inadequate soils below, helical piles & anchors can deliver on a wide range of load requirements. Helical piles and anchors provide a turnkey installation that is quick and efficient with the ability to immediately load after installation and continue on with the next sequence of pool construction.

Helical piles can be installed with smaller equipment and often times the same equipment that is used to excavate the pool footprint. Small installation equipment allows greater flexibility with mobilization in and around existing structures with restricted access, whereas traditional methods have significant mobilization costs, site access challenges, and site disruption and clean-up.

Benefits of CHANCE swimming pool helical anchors and foundation piers compared to traditional deep foundation methods:

  • Speed up construction timeline, load immediately
  • Install with common small equipment already on-site
  • Overcome limited access site conditions
  • Eliminate or significantly reduce mobilization costs
  • Eliminate spoils and clean-up
  • Eliminate vibrations that could cause damage to adjacent structures