Bridge Foundations

CHANCE® Helical Piles are the ideal deep foundation solution for small bridge foundations. Helical piles can be installed in limited access sites and areas where installation needs to be minimally invasive to the surrounding structures, vegetation, and wildlife. 

High load capacity with minimal disturbance

CHANCE® Helical Piles are a cost-effective bridge foundation solution for difficult terrain and sensitive soils. Contractors and engineers prefer helical piles because they can be installed with compact hydraulic-driven drills. Load bearing strata are reached with the piles by applying torque, increasing load capacity as it goes. Without having to use grout, these piles are instantly able to bear weight regardless of conditions at the surface.

Benefits of using the CHANCE® Helical Piles for boardwalk foundations:

  • Eco-friendly – minimal mobilization impact
  • Can install in limited access sites
  • No vibrations and minimal noise disturbance
  • No spoils
  • Made from recycled steel
  • High up-lift capacity

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