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CHANCE Helical Underpinning LogoFoundation issues requiring underpinning technology can often take place beneath buildings both old and new. The course of time may cause structures to shift and, more often than not, the poor quality of the ground beneath the building is the reason. The CHANCE® Helical Underpinning foundation system is the solution.

However much you need, we have the capacity.

Engineered for dependability and long-term stability, CHANCE® Helical Underpinning systems provide high-capacity piles/piers to stop settling and cracking of residential, commercial, and industrial structures. Selected by load requirements, soil and structural conditions, CHANCE® Helical Underpinning systems offer a wide range of capacities that are engineered to best fit the requirements of a structural stabilization project in a cost-effective manner.

CHANCE® Helical Underpinning systems are installed to stabilize foundations or to increase load capacities of existing structures. In an underpinning foundation, piles are installed independent of the structure to depths beyond problematic soils. The required load capacity is achieved through and is a function of the installing torque. The piles are attached to the existing foundation with an appropriately sized pre-engineered bracket.

Advantages to repairing foundations with CHANCE® Helical Underpinning systems:

  • Installs in limited access sites and low overhead areas
  • Quick installation time
  • Instant loading – loads may be immediately applied with no cure time
  • Installed with small, commonly used construction equipment
  • Low mobilization costs
  • No spoils to remove
  • Minimal to no vibrations or noise
  • Built-in quality control – installation torque to capacity correlation

Working on a design project using helical piles and anchors? HeliCAP™ is a free civil engineering software platform that helps calculate capacity requirements for CHANCE® helical products. Control for soil parameters, environmental variables, and other essential criteria to select the appropriate pile/anchor size needed for your individual project requirements.

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