CHANCE® Helical Anchors are engineered to resist hydrostatic uplift pressures on below-grade structures in high groundwater conditions, making them great for buoyancy control systems. Helical anchors eliminate the need for de-watering and rely on the shear strength of the soil combined with the weight of the soil above the flight to provide bearing weight as opposed to relying strictly on friction or the weight of the structure.

Control pipeline buoyancy with a smarter solution.

An anchor weighing 250 lbs. can replace 100,000 lbs. of concrete, reducing labor, materials, mobilization and, of course, cost. Utilizing helical anchors will eliminate the need for additional concrete to offset buoyancy forces and will save time and cleanup of spoils on deeper excavations. For predictable anti-buoyancy anchoring, CHANCE® Helical Anchors are the logical, cost-effective solution.

Advantages of utilizing CHANCE® Helical Anchors for pipeline buoyancy control:

  • Quick to install
  • Eliminates time and costs associated with additional concrete
  • Can be proof-tested and loaded immediately
  • No excavation or spoils

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