HeliCAP® engineering software is a free, user-friendly design program that enables engineers to calculate theoretical tension and/or compression capacities for CHANCE® Helical products. By entering the soil and load data, the user is able to determine the appropriate pile/anchor size and capacity needed for individual project requirements.

Powerful Helical Pile Capacity Calculation

When planning a project using helical pile or helical anchor products, HeliCAP® pile design software can be used to quickly analyze soil parameters and other environmental factors to allow for selecting the most efficient products, minimizing time and cost and maximizing performance.

The HeliCAP helical design software.

A Simple User Interface

Designed for civil, structural, and geotechnical engineers and other design professionals who may not regularly use helical pile products, HeliCAP® has an intuitive interface that assists in setting up project profiles and interpreting results. This also includes comprehensive product support from CHANCE™, including a complete set of video tutorials outlining the different features and functions of the program and providing instructions for use.

Cloud-Based…No Download Needed

The interactive HeliCAP® 3.0 program is now fully accessible through the cloud and can be instantly accessed from any device with a single login, eliminating the need to download the HeliCAP software. It is optimized to run on the Google Chrome browser, which can be downloaded for free from Google

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