Solar Foundations

The CHANCE® Helical Pile System is the most reliable solution for solar panel foundations. No other product can boast over 90 years of research to prove its dependability and consistent performance. Because helical piles work well in both compression and tension, they are ideally suited for conditions inherent to energy-related construction sites, particularly those associated with solar projects. CHANCE® Helical Piles combat uplift created by high wind forces and frost heaving, which causes negative friction along pile shafts.

The ultimate in sustainability

The sustainable design of CHANCE® Helical Piles means they can be reused and easily recycled. The ability to install helical piles with smaller equipment than driven piles means fewer disturbances to the surrounding area, maintaining the integrity of the site.

Benefits of using the CHANCE® Helical Piles for Solar Foundations:

  • Quick and easy installation using small equipment
  • High uplift resistance to wind loads
  • No need to wait for concrete to cure
  • No site preparation necessary
  • Installs in any weather condition
  • Permanent or temporary, unlike driven piles
  • Easily extracted for reuse
  • Perfect for environmentally sensitive areas

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