Historic Jefferson County High School Restoration

Historic Jefferson County High SchoolHistoric Jefferson High School Building


The Problem:

Built in 1852, Historic Jefferson County High School (Now known as Monticello High) was the first brick public school constructed in the state of Florida. In 1999, the school was added to the National Registry of Historic Places but has remained vacant since 1991 due to the need for structural repairs, including a deep foundation renovation. Renovation plans called for shoring of the existing floor system and roof trusses so that the lower level could be converted into a museum and the upper story into courtrooms. During initial testing of the underlying soils, several layers of highly plastic clays were discovered. It was determined that a deep foundation using CHANCE helical piles, or helical anchors, would be needed in order to appropriately support the new floor system and steel columns that are to be added to reinforce the second floor and roof.

The Solution:

CHANCE® Helical Combo Piles were chosen as the deep foundation construction solution to support the renovated structure due to quick installation, the need to overcome limited access restraints, and the non-invasive installation process. CHANCE® Helical Piles can be installed indoors within confined spaces either with hand-held equipment or small construction equipment. Using helical piles for deep foundation renovation also does not generate spoils, eliminating the need for any spoils to be removed from the interior of the building.

Technical Description:


  • CHANCE® Helical Combo Piles/Helical Anchors (78 ea.)
  • Pile Depth: 20-22 ft below grade
  • Material Type: SS150 (1.5” x 1.5" solid square shaft lead section) transitioned to RS2875.276 pipe shaft. The square shaft lead section is better suited to penetrate dense soil, as opposed to round shaft, while the round shaft extensions offer more lateral resistance with more of the shaft exposed to the surrounding soil.
  • Bracket Type(s): New Construction Plates & walkway brackets that allowed for connection to new wooden support beams


  • 18 Kips per pile

Deep Foundation with Helical PilesDeep Foundation Renovation with Helical Piles

Helical Pile Installation for Deep Foundation RenovationHelical Piles in Deep Foundation Construction