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In order to meet a designed clearance requirement that is unusual and cannot be provided with a ShaftSpacer wheel alone.

Hairpins are also used when the close spacing of the horizontal or spiral steel reinforcement prevents the ShaftSpacer wheel from being used as a standalone application. 


Extension device used in tandem with the ShaftSpacer wheel in order to achieve eccentric spacing requirements and/or meet seismic design considerations.


  • Bridge Foundations
  • Building Foundations
  • Retaining Wall Foundations
  • Street Light Foundations
  • High Mast Foundations
  • Transmission Line Foundations
  • Sub-station Foundations
  • Tower Foundations
  • Slurry Walls


  • Saves time & money onsite
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight, yet strong, durable
  • Engineered with the contractor in mind
  • Excellent guide system for placement of fabricated rebar cages into drilled or excavated shafts
  • Economical with minimal installation costs


  • Customizable to suit any project challenge.
  • Insures the bar reinforcement is properly spaced and aligned within the confines of the drilled shaft or excavation.
  • Provides quality assurance for the contractor and owner of the sub-contractor’s performance.
  • Provides quality assurance for the engineer and owner of the contractor’s performance.
  • Installs quickly and easily requiring only unskilled labor.
  • Increases job profitability because skilled labor is released for more demanding tasks.
  • Has low labor requirements resulting in project cost savings.


Example: the project specification and detail states 9 inch clearance. To achieve this clearance with a wheel alone, the wheel would need to have a diameter of approximately 18 inches. By using a Hairpin bar in conjunction with one of our standard model ShaftSpacer wheels, the 9 inch clearance can be achieved.


Example: the project specification and detail states 6 inch clearance, but the pitch of the spiral is 4 or 5 inches. Therefore, the ShaftSpacer wheel that is normally used for 6 inch clearance is too large and will not attach without interfering with the adjacent spiral bars. A Hairpin is then used to resolve the problem.

Hairpin ShaftSpacer Wheel Extender Diagram

Guiding rebar cage into drilled shaft with Hairpin and ShaftSpacer system attached

Hairpin Wheel Extender & ShaftSpacer on Rebar Cage


Model Offset* Bar Size Packaging Weight
HP200E 2.0" n/a 25 35 lbs
HP275E 2.75" n/a 25 36 lbs
HP350E 3.5" n/a 25 37 lbs
HP450E 4.5" n/a 25 38 lbs
HP600E 6.0" n/a 25 39 lbs

*When combined with a ShaftSpacer wheel, cover will be increased by this amount. All models are powder coated.

Hairpin attached to rebar cage

Hairpin Rebar Spacer Extender Attached to Rebar Cage

Cagecaster tied to horizontal reinforcement hoops

Hairpin Wheel Extender & CageCaster Attached to Reinforcement Hoops