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In order to ensure fabricated rebar cages are properly positioned for concrete placement every time. The ShaftSpacer aligns and centers rebar cages within the drilled shaft — providing proper clearance between the rebar cage reinforcement and the interior side walls of the shaft or casing.


A guide and alignment system for lateral positioning of reinforcement cage within caissons, drilled shafts and other geotechnical construction applications.


  • Bridge Foundations
  • Building Foundations
  • Retaining Wall Foundations
  • Street Light Foundations
  • High Mast Foundations
  • Transmission Line Foundations
  • Sub-station Foundations
  • Tower Foundations
  • Slurry Walls


  • Saves time & money on site
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight, yet strong, durable
  • Engineered with the contractor in mind
  • Made of high-density plastic, resistant to corrosion, and chemicals common to construction
  • Excellent guide system for placement of fabricated rebar cages into drilled or excavated shafts • Economical with minimal installation costs
  • Indefinite shelf-life and easily stored


  • Ensures the bar reinforcement is properly spaced and aligned within the confines of the drilled shaft or excavation.
  • Provides quality assurance of the sub-contractor’s performance for the contractor and owner.
  • Provides quality assurance of the contractor’s performance for the engineer and owner.
  • Installs quickly and easily, requiring only unskilled labor.
  • Increases job profitability because skilled labor is released for more demanding tasks.


  • Use one ShaftSpacer per foot (or 304.8mm) of shaft diameter (minimum of four per tier)
  • Maximum six (6) foot (or 1.83m) spacing from the top of the shaft
  • Maximum two (2) foot (or 0.61m) spacing from the bottom of the shaft
  • Maximum eight (8) foot (or 2.44m) interval spacing along the longitudinal axis of the shaft

ShaftSpacer Product Diagram


ShaftSpacers attached along large-diameter reinforcing cage

ShaftSpacers Attached to Reinforcing Cage

Model Cover Diameter Bar Size Packaging Weight
SS303 1.5" 3" #3 - #6 50 7 lbs
SS505 2.5" 5" #3 - #6 50 16 lbs
SS406 3.0" 6" #3 - #6 50 22 lbs
SS808 4.0" 8" #3 - #7 25 20 lbs
SS612 6.0" 10.75" #3 - #7 24 27 lbs*

*When shipping UPS, use dimensional wt. of 43 lbs.


Installation of ShaftSpacer

ShaftSpacer Installation


Guiding rebar cage into drille dshaft with ShaftSpacers attached

ShaftSpacer Rebar Cage Installation