Bayline Railroad - Train Engine Shelter

Helical Anchors resist high wind uplift forces on Train Engine Shelter in Florida

The Problem:

Bay Line Railroad in Panama City, Florida contracted with Anderson Construction Company of Ft. Gaines, Florida to construct a new Train Engine Shelter. Due to the shelter's close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, a deep foundation would need to be designed to resist uplift in the event of high winds. The shelter, which is a steel frame structure, was to span two sets of railway tracks and was to be open on both ends to allow train engines to enter and exit. The shelter measured approximately 64 feet by 94 feet and was supported by eight (8) column footings, four (4) on each side of the tracks.

The Solution:

Henry Wright Engineering of Dothan, Alabama selected CHANCE® Helical Anchors as the means to resist the uplift loads that would be applied to the shelter structure. Two Helical Anchors were installed at each column footing, adequate torque for the design working load (17 Kips per helical anchor) was achieved at depths ranging from 20 to 30 feet below grade.  The job was completed in two days.

Technical Description:


  • CHANCE® Helical Anchors (16 ea.)
  • Helix Configuration: 10", 12", 14" Lead Section
  • Shaft Material Type – SS5 (1.5 x 1.5” solid square shaft)
  • Termination: Bolted on Steel Pile Cap 7"x7"x0.5" embedded in poured column footings

- 17 Kips working – 34 Kips ultimate per anchor